General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

Our general terms and conditions apply to all rentals and are accepted with every rental/booking. For online bookings, our General Terms and Conditions available on the Internet at the time of booking apply. All prices are quoted in Euro incl. the respective statutory value added tax.

By clicking the button “Order with costs” you make a binding booking.

We confirm your booking by sending an order confirmation by e-mail.

1. restrictions on use

The rented vehicle may be driven and operated only by persons designated in the rental agreement (minimum age 25years, possession of driving license for 5 years). It is forbidden to sublet or lend the vehicle to third parties.

2. takeover

The renter takes over the vehicle in working condition (especially min. 80% charged). A takeover protocol is drawn up, in which any existing damage or missing material must be mentioned. The tenant must report any discrepancies immediately upon takeover.

3. maintenance and breakdowns

In case of longer rental period (> 5 days) the renter is obliged to check the tire pressure. In case of breakdowns, repairs may only be carried out after consultation with the lessor.

4. return and rental costs

Costs for charging/fueling the vehicle during the rental period are to be borne by the renter and will be charged upon return.

5. liability and security

The renter is liable for damages that are not due to contractual use of the rental object or accidents. In case of damage, the renter has to pay the following deductibles: € 1.000,00 for fully comprehensive damage, if the damage amount is below the deductible costs, only this amount will be charged.

6. obligations in the event of a claim

In case of any damage, the lessor must be informed immediately. Furthermore, the completed damage forms and accident reports must be sent to the lessor in the shortest possible time.

In the event of a traffic accident , the course of events leading up to the accident must be recorded without making any admission of liability or fault. The police must be called to the scene of the accident without exception. In the event of theft, immediately notify the police at the scene.

In the event of animal damage , it must be ensured that the responsible bodies (police, gamekeeper, etc.) record the event or that the animal owner confirms the event. Repairs may only be carried out after approval by the landlord (who will obtain the approval of the insurance company if necessary).

7. replacement vehicle

If the vehicle cannot be made available for the agreed rental period as a result of unforeseen repairs, the Lessor is not obliged to pay compensation. The landlord cannot be held liable for any costs incurred by the tenant as a result.

8. the vehicle may not be used

To tow or otherwise move another vehicle, at motor sport events or other competitions, in an overloaded condition, i.e. with a number of persons or payload exceeding the values indicated in the vehicle registration document, to transport hazardous materials of any kind, to transport heavily soiled and / or malodorous materials, for off-road driving or driving on non-public roads (e.g. forest roads), at demonstrations or rallies.

9. traffic violations

The renter must comply with the traffic regulations, any fines will be charged to the renter and must be paid immediately by the renter.

The police always report traffic fines and violations of traffic rules by the tenant to the landlord. The landlord shall inform the police of the name and address of the tenant in question. The conduct of the proceedings with all cost consequences (representation costs, procedural costs, fines, etc.) is the responsibility of the tenant.

10. vehicle handover

The vehicle will be handed over to the renter in a technically perfect condition and cleaned. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the vehicle, eating food in the vehicle is not allowed.

If the Lessor finds excessive or improper use of the vehicle, he is entitled to put it in order at the expense of the Lessee. The lessee will be admonished in writing to refrain from such claiming. In the event of improper treatment of the vehicle, the lessor may terminate the rental agreement prematurely. The vehicle must not be driven in a condition impaired by alcohol, medication or drugs, or in any other condition that impairs the ability to react (e.g. overtiredness or illness).

11. charging of additional kilometers

The contract includes the agreed mileage (“free mileage”). The extra kilometers are to be paid by the renter at the price listed in the contract for the rental vehicle. Free kilometers not driven will not be credited or offset.

12. operating damage

Operational damage caused due to negligent handling (e.g. self-inflicted tire damage, above-average stress due to improper operation, incorrect refueling, damage to the interior by persons or animals, mechanically caused damage due to incorrect handling) and the associated consequential costs are not covered by the insurance and will be charged in full to the renter. The Lessee is liable to the Lessor for any damage to the vehicle caused by the Lessee in violation of the General Terms and Conditions and/or by improper use. If the damage has been caused by a third party to whom the Lessee has entrusted the vehicle or whom the Lessee has transported in the vehicle, the Lessee shall be liable as if he himself had caused the damage. In the event of damage, the lessor must be notified immediately.

13. address and name changes

All changes to the information provided in the contract (namely name and address changes) must be reported to the lessor in writing within five days. Until the new name or address is received, notices from the Lessor to the last known name or address shall be deemed to have been validly delivered.

14. cancellations

For cancellations within 24 hours before the start of the service, we charge 40% of the agreed price. If no online payment option (Stripe (credit card), SOFORT) has been chosen, 40% will be charged.

14. other regulations

The Lessor shall comply with the provisions of the Austrian data protection legislation in the management and processing of personal data. The Lessor is entitled to process personal data and create corresponding data collections for the purpose of concluding the contract and processing the mutual contractual services. Personal data of the Lessee may be disclosed to third parties exclusively within the scope of the Lessor’s business activities. Address trading is excluded. The lessor reserves the right to obtain all information required for the check (in particular creditworthiness and driver’s license check) and processing from public offices and private persons. Applications and requests may be rejected by the insurance company without giving reasons.

The vehicle is equipped with the freeway sticker required for Austrian freeways. Other charges such as environmental packages, tolls, road tolls, freeway vignettes abroad are not included and are to be paid by the renter.

15 Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

Austrian law shall apply.

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